Te Aho Matua

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Te Aho Matua is the set of Maori principle which articulate the values, traditions, customs and expectations set out for Kura Kaupapa Maori. Te Aho Matua ensures that the practices of the Kura reflect the cultural diversity and the unique position of the Maori culture within Aotearoa.


Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Raki Paewhenua is committed to the principles of Te Aho Matua o ngā Kura Kaupapa Maori. Within a Te Aho Matua policy framework, the Tumuaki, Whanau and Kaiako are required to adhere to these principles.



  • Provides learning environment that nurture and protect all tamariki, the staff and whānau
  • Encourages the tamariki to pursue healthy habits and attitudes and implementing programmes that support this
  • Actively teaching and modelling the identified values of the Kura



  • Actively contributing to the maintenance and revitalization of Te Reo Maori through the Development of suitable programmes which supports the Level 1 status of the Kura
  • Provides avenues for the teaching and learning of other languages



  • Explores concepts that develop an understanding of the physical and natural world
  • Develops tamariki role as kaitiaki of the environment
  • Celebrates the historical and environmental features unique to the local area anthen other iwi, hapü and whanau of Aotearoa.



  • Enables all learners to be active contributors and participants to marae, whanau, hapü and iwi
  • Ensures that tamariki take part in programmes that acknowledge other societies
  • Involves the tamariki, kaimahi, whanau members and whanau whänui in supporting their own learning: and the teaching and learning of all tamariki



  • Emphasises the importance of learning environment that expands beyond the Kura classroom
  • Implement curriculum based programmes that reinforce value and encourage excellence and achievement at all levels in the Kura
  • Provide programmes that consider the individual needs of all tauira
  • Appoint and manage suitably qualified and experienced personnel, and invite the participation of whanau, kaumātua and other personnel who are capable of contributing to an education at the highest level of performance



  • Nurtures an enthusiasm for learning and for life
  • Continues the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of their ancestral links including Te Aho Matua and Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Ensures the implementation of regular practices which reinforce the philosophies, values of the Kura, and curriculum content
  • Identification and analysis of student achievement to ensure appropriate future planning and programme development that addresses learning needs


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Te Aho Matua